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Shoes are an integral part of our life and add a touch of class to our overall attire! Since shoes are worn on a day-to-day basis, they tend to wear off rapidly! We here at Waschsalon offer the best shoe repair, shoe spa and shoe cleaning services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Pamper your sneakers, boots and heels with some tender loving care at Waschsalon today!

First, we do a thorough examination and analysis of your shoes to understand exactly how best to treat them. Then, our team of experts will clean, refit and repack your shoes so that they look as good as new! Put your best foot forward every time with our professional shoe cleaning services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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Our shoe cleaning process begins here

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Remove laces and sole

We begin treating your shoes by first removing the laces and soles of your shoes.

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Wash shoes

They then receive a deep cleansing with our unique cleaner solutions which makes your shoes look sparkling clean.

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Detailed inspection

Every shoe undergoes an elaborate inspection to check for any scuffs or tears

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Expert Treatment

Minor tears are treated and the newly cleaned soles and laces are refitted and repacked by our experts with utmost care.

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Your perfectly clean shoes are then safely delivered to your doorstep

Bag Restoration

We offer all kinds of repair & replacement solutions for your beloved handbags and travel bags. We expertly clean all types of handbags, regardless of their brand or value. From leather and suede to delicate and expensive exotic leathers. We can even remove stubborn stains such as dye transfer from clothing, ink stains and even food and drink spills!

Cleaning a handbag must be done carefully and delicately. There are many different types of leather and ways in which it is dyed or treated.

Our first step is to determine the type of leather and then formulate the best cleaning technique to suit it. Cleaning a handbag isn’t just giving it a good scrub! It’s important to identify the material it is made from and then select the most appropriate and safe to use product to clean the bag.

When we clean a bag we deep clean the exterior making sure to clean into all folds and creases.

So why keep your favourite bags for months without using. Dial us and we will be right there to help you fix your bags.

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