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About Us

Curtains can often be the last thing that you will consider cleaning on a regular basis if at all.

Waschsalon – opened up as a self made company from scratch in 2014. Waschalon gained great popularity and trust among the residents of Dubai due to its sincere and prompt customer service. All credit to the success of Waschsalon goes to the tireless efforts of its founder, Mr. Muhammad who dedicated himself to build a trusted laundry brand in the UAE. He was born and raised in a small village in Kerala. Since childhood he had been dreaming to start his own venture. Being a Diploma holder in Civil engineering, Muhammad started his career as a pick and drop Driver in UAE, followed by a position in a civil consultant. Working for 19 years in the same field, nothing stopped him from following his dream of starting a business in Dubai. He then finally quit his corporate job and risked himself to buy a small laundry business in Dubai. Through 6 years from then, he researched, learned, managed, gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the laundry industry and worked for it with full heart. Waschsalon is a dream come true venture that has been built with great love, hard work, dedication and confidence. Waschsalon promises to deliver trust, sincerity and quality at all times. The philosophy at Waschsalon is simple to provide its customers, the very best service at the right price, and this is something the team firmly believes in at every stage of their contact with customers. Excellent, hygienically cleaned clothes, with the added benefit of personal service, is what keeps our customers returning. Our passion, integrity and knowledge are key to maintaining long-standing relationships. We work hard to ensure everything in our power is completed to the highest standard accompanied by the finest level of care.
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The Waschsalon company

We are proud to be one of the most known and established Dry-cleaning companies in Dubai – a reputation we have come to enjoy because of our 100% guaranteed customer service and experience over cleaning and delivering perfection to a wide range of fabrics and garments. Although we offer the best dry cleaning in Dubai, the most affordable laundry service in Dubai and the best professional Steam pressing in town, we also offer a specialist service to clean your curtains and carpets as well.

We are transparent about our business practices and live up to our vision to seek and adapt new technologies in the coming future. We strive to be the most preferred Dry Cleaner in Dubai through the trust and reliability in the work we do.

We employ latest Technology

We have installed advanced state of the art equipments in our production center and all of our colleagues have gone through an extensive training plan for effective stain removal, operating and finishing. Our production site is visited regularly by our Technical Managers who ensure high standards are kept in both Quality and Service.

Why choose us?

We at Waschsalon are known as for our expert services in curtain leaning

Outstanding expertise

With the knowledge of well experienced and professional workers, we handle all sort of fabrics. Whether you have a furry, polyester or hand-made carpet. We have trained professionals who are designed to take every task with ease.

Modern & Advanced equipments

We use modern cleaning equipments to make our task more efficient and classic, especially when we are cleaning large square foot. Some of the machines that we use are counter rotating brush, Wet and dry vacuum cleaner with steam and shampoo to totally clean the stains and give the curtain a good smell. We also use Stackable air movers and floor scrubbers.

Our uncompromising Services

Our clients often refer us as the best curtain cleaning company in Dubai due to our Flexible and convenient services. We offer a home & delivery service consuming very less time cleaning the curtain. We understand the need to be more reliable to our clients with various discount policies.

Our safety and hygiene policy

We understand the necessity of a clean and hygienic environment. With the current pandemic crisis, health and safety is our priority. We understand the pressure of health issues and we do everything possible to keep our customers safe. We ensure all our workers are fully vaccinated and take all the necessary precautions concerning the pandemic. We also make sure that the curtainss are sanitized and de odourised in order to remove all the odours and germs from the curtains.

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