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Curtain Dry Cleaning Service Near me in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

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Unsure of how to handle large laundry items like curtains? Curtains are an important component of any household since they are your barrier from external dust and impurities.

It’s highly likely that you’ll end up touching your curtains at least once a day. And since they’re frequently exposed to the outside world, curtains can become dirty very quickly. Your shades can become host to a variety of bacteria.

Dry cleaning your curtains well and often can be the key to a healthy and pleasant home environment!

Why use dry cleaning instead of chucking them into your regular washing machine?

Water and detergent can make your curtains shrink and regular home washing can fail in cleaning every piece of dirt, grime or oil. With Curtain Dry Cleaning, we use a special, time-tested liquid solvent that is 100% effective in cleaning your curtains to spotless perfection.

Dry cleaning is a process that has been around since the 1930s and the Curtain Dry Cleaning service we offer you today is a craft that has been worked upon, improved, and practiced for nearly 100 years.

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How does Curtain Dry Cleaning with Waschsalon work?

When you send your curtains to any of our locations with our drivers, our team of experts will carefully examine the cloth and fabric involved, so as to take special care to wash them in the best way possible.

They will then proceed to use Dry Cleaning to erase every mark of dirt or grime from your curtains! Within 24 to 48 hours, you can expect to see your curtains looking clean and fresh.

Send your laundry large or small to Waschsalon today!