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Drapes Cleaning Services Near me in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Keep Your Drapes Clean with Our Service
How are Drapes different from Curtains?
Curtains are generally made from fabrics that allow not much but some light and air to pass through them. Drapes are made mostly from heavier fabrics with a lining that prevent any light or noise from entering the privacy of a room.

While curtains give a more relaxing look and effect, draperies have a luxurious feel of privacy and comfort. The blackout feature of draperies is the most popular choice for bedrooms since it keeps the space sufficiently dark for sound sleep.
Why is Drapes cleaning so important?
In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, over time draperies attract and collect various bacteria that affect your health in a bad way. Fear germs? If your drapes aren’t regularly cleaned, dirt, dust, pollen, animal dander, viruses, and other airborne particles will build up on them and can be easily disturbed whenever you open or close your windows. This may have an impact on indoor air quality, aggravating allergies and asthma. Therefore these unclean draperies would be the main reason for your very often breathing problems and cold associated with unwanted sneezing and coughs that eventually lead to permanent respiratory diseases.

As a professional drapes cleaning expert advice, it’s absolutely important to regularly clean your drapes to avoid all such problems. Cleaning them in a professional way is much more important for an efficient removal of dirt and dust. Hiring the best curtain cleaning expert is the only way to clean your drapes efficiently.
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Here are some reasons why drape cleaning is so important in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
➔ Completely removes dirt and dust to avoid respiratory problems
➔ Drape cleaning extends the life span of the fabric
➔ They become clean and beautiful allowing pure air to breathe
➔ Removes any bad odor caused due to fungus
➔ Makes your room look brighter again
What’s Our Process of Drape Cleaning in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?
With professionals like Waschsalon laundry, you assure that your drapes are 100% clean and perfect. We follow specific steps and methods while cleaning draperies.
➢ Our professional team inspect the drapes and decide the method of cleaning according to the kind of fabric. Every fabric has a different way of cleaning and this is known only to professionals like us.

➢ Depending on the fabric, the drapes are removed from the windows and are either dry cleaned or washed.

➢ We do not recommend ‘on the spot’ drape cleaning without removing the drapes. Firstly they will not be cleaned efficiently due to their thickness. Secondly, while they are still hanging, wet cleaning will increase the heaviness of the drapes and this will eventually break the curtain rods.

➢ Cleaned drapes are then allowed to dry naturally

➢ They are then reinstalled back to perfection
Drapes cleaning services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi
Drapes cannot be often properly cleaned at home due to its heaviness. Hire the best drapes cleaning company for the complete and efficient cleaning of your drapes. Waschsalon is well known for its professionalism in cleaning Draperies. A trusted laundry service you can ever wish for. Our specially trained team takes great effort in providing the best and satisfying cleaning experience to our customers.

So why are you holding out? Schedule a drape cleaning service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and scan your surroundings for changes. Allow your visitors to experience the freshness of drapes. Now whenever you are searching for ‘drape cleaning services near me’ don’t forget that we are available at your locality anytime for your service.