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Is Professional Curtain Cleaning in Dubai Worth It?

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In Dubai, curtains are absolutely essential to keep your home cool and maintain privacy. Having beautiful curtains adds aesthetic value to your home and also provides protection against dirt and dust coming from outside. Besides, they also prevent the wind from blowing too hard in your rooms and allow the right amount of sunlight to come in (if they are not blackout curtains as they are designed to block sunlight).

Even though they play an important role in our homes, we tend to ignore them. Since they usually require less attention, it is easy to overlook their cleaning requirements completely.

Besides, many people think that they can wash and clean their curtains themselves. However, most often, they end up ruining their expensive curtains because many curtains have special cleaning requirements.

If you are also in a dilemma about why you should seek a professional curtain cleaning service in Dubai,

 This blog will help you make an informed decision.

  • When To Machine Wash Your Curtains

If your curtains come with a label that they are fully machine-washable, then you can do the cleaning work yourself. Just pick a nice and warm sunny day so that you can dry them with ease in the open air after cleaning them thoroughly in the washing machine. Make sure to iron your curtains when they are a bit damp and then hang them up immediately to prevent wrinkles.

However, not all machine-washable curtains are easy to clean at home. Since curtains can be heavy and contain a lot of fabric, they can be unmanageable in a small washing machine container. If you have a small washing machine that cannot accommodate heavy curtains, your ironing board is too small, or you have no place to dry your curtains, you can seek professional help.

  • When to Dry Clean Your Curtains

Curtains that are made of fragile or sensitive fabric, such as silk and linen, need professional dry cleaning. It is because the hot water, detergent, and constant rubbing action in the washing machine or by hand can damage your curtains. Cleaning such curtains at home can lead to fading or shrinking.

Good quality curtains are often a significant investment, which is why most homeowners want to make them last as long as possible. Therefore, these curtains need professional dry cleaning in order to give your home years of protection and delight.

When Is It Important to Seek Curtain Cleaning Service?

There are many instances when you should prefer curtain cleaning service in Dubai over DIY curtain cleaning. Some of these are:

  • Your curtains are stained (stained curtains need professional cleaning because home cleaning most often leads to fabric damage or fading at the stain spot)
  • Your curtains are made of sensitive fabrics (sensitive fabrics are more prone to damage to harsh chemicals present in detergents, as well as hot water)
  • Your curtains are very expensive (it is a fact that cleaning curtains at home reduce their life significantly, which means for more returns from your investment, you will need professional cleaning)
  • Your curtains are too heavy or long for your washing machine to accommodate
  • You don’t have a large ironing board to iron your curtains or enough space to let them air dry.

Has it been more than 6 months since your curtains got cleaned professionally? Or, your curtains have got dirty or stained due to any reason? You need a professional curtain cleaning service in Dubai now

Don’t wait until your curtains become a source of discomfort and embarrassment. Contact us today for professional cleaning services, and let your curtains shine once again.

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