Waschsalon offers free delivery and pickup services for all your laundry needs. Call us at 050-7770530 or visit any of our branches to get your clothes smelling fresh and clean! For those of us who have just started to live independently, laundry can be a tough process to get through if not done properly. You may be unsure of the amount of detergent you need to wash your clothes, or your shirts could come out in a different color.

This short article will teach you how to do your laundry the Waschsalon way in 5 simple

Step 1 – Separate your clothes into lights, darks and whites. To avoid different colours seeping into your clothes, separate them based on their shade or hue. Sort them into the three categories mentioned above. Lights include neon colours, bright blue or bright yellow, cream and darks include grey, black, purple, brown and more. Your white category should typically have white cotton shirts or anything that is, well, pure white.

Step 2 – Before washing, check your wash temperature, time and cycles. Every washing machine has the three features mentioned above. Your wash temperature determines whether your clothes will be washed in hot or cold water. The time indicates the duration, and the cycles will set the speed at which your clothes will spin around for the wash. It’s important to know these settings because different combinations should be used depending on the material of the cloth. Faster cycles will be better for sturdier materials like jeans or towels or heavily stained clothes. Slower cycles are better for delicate material like pantyhose or underwear. Curtains are washed better under slower or gentle cycles.
Usually, it’s better to send curtains for dry cleaning. When it comes to temperature, try to use cold water unless your clothes are very dirty. Detergents today are typically used with cold water, but it depends on your choice too.

Step 3 – Check your detergent box to know how much to add Every detergent comes with its own features and ingredients. Before putting the magic powder, check the standard amount to be added as this can differ from brand to brand. Pro tip: Use fabric softener. It makes a huge difference to how your clothes will smell. Of course, check the required amounts for this too.

Step 4 – Dry your clothes as soon as possible The sooner you can dry your clothes the better. Wet clothes can acquire a musky odor if left too long, defeating the purpose of washing them in the first place. You have 2 options – dry cleaning or hanging them out to dry. While dry cleaning is efficient and hassle free, it’s better to simply hang your clothes on a line if you’re not familiar with dryers. Plus, it’s much cheaper.

Step 5 – If you’re still confused, send your clothes to Waschsalon laundry. At the end of the day, Waschsalon is an expert when it comes to laundry. If you find yourself too busy or confused to go through all the steps above.

Simply send your clothes to anyone of our Waschsalon outlets or call us at 050-7770530 to get your laundry sorted into clean, fresh smelling, pressed and folded clothes! Our services stretch beyond simple laundry to professional Curtain Dry Cleaning as well!